Don’t let the Holidays create disaster for you

The Holidays are coming quickly and the celebrations are well under way!  It’s wonderful to get together with family and friends, co-workers and others and to have actual time to talk and enjoy one another.  With the festivities comes all the treats filled with sugar...

10 reasons why thyroid symptoms can contribute to fibromyalagia

On my checklist/survey for the Thyroid and Adrenal, you’ll know the many thyroid symptoms that can contribute to Fibromyalgia . Loss of hair, muscle pain, low body temperature, insomnia, anxiety, cold hands and feet are just a few. How about fatigue and weakness?...

What do the adrenals have to do with fibromyalgia?

What do the adrenals have to do with fibromyalgia? How do they play a part with us feeling many fibromyalgia symptoms? That low energy with chronic fatigue can be overwhelming. This is because of poor adrenal function or what’s called hypoadrenia. Unhealthy adrenals...

Frustrated with anxiousness, depression, insomnia?

What is your biggest frustration when suffering with fibromyalgia? Is it overwhelm, being in constant pain, or the chronic debilitating fatigue? I have suffered all of that and would be hard pressed to separate them. Being depressed and anxious and unable to sleep...

Fibromyalgia: feeling short on energy and in crushing pain?

Feeling short on energy and crushing pain from Fibromyalgia? Too many times to count for sure. The last blog I wrote I talked about the relationship of Fibromyalgia and the thyroid. In that, I showed a healthy “conversion” process taking place in our body can further...

Fibromyalgia and the thyroid connection to gaining your life back

For those of us that are or have dealt with fibromyalgia know the depilitating symptoms of fatigue and pain. Chronic pain may be due to injuries, infections and accidents. One thing I found is being hypothyroid can cause pain in and of itself with widespread pain...

Help to overcome insomnia and thyroid imbalance- naturally

I’ve been the one who has struggled with getting a good night’s sleep. I’ve had so many nights of insomnia laying awake looking at the ceiling, thinking, thinking, thinking. Then only waking in the morning to feel just awful, drained and miserable. As I have learned,...

Keep blood sugar balance for best thyroid health during the holiday season

Blood Sugar Imbalance and the Best You The Holidays are coming quickly and the celebrations have already begun! It’s wonderful to get together with family and friends, co-workers and others and to have actual time to talk and enjoy one another. With the festivities...

Feel like yourself again starting with thyroid health

You may look well but not “feel” well. Everyone says you look fine but you know what’s going on on the inside. Taking care of your thyroid could be the way to a turn around. You can begin to feel like yourself again starting with a healthy thyroid. Stressors in life,...

Is life holding you back?

It’s been a wonderful yet a month of new adjustments. My son is now married! I got to dance with him at his wedding! Something I had only dreamed I could do a couple years ago. Fibromyalgia with all its fatigue had been holding me back from many of life’s joys. But...

Kathleen Flanders Coaching

4 Week Online Chronic Fatigue Coaching Program

Finally Stop Chronic Fatigue and Get Energized by Keeping Your Digestive Engine Running Smoothly


In 4 weeks, just 4 little weeks, you can be on your way to energy and vitality. In my 4 week Chronic Fatigue Coaching program I have created an easy to follow and implement program to help you achieve the energy that you are looking for.

Go with Your Gut-First Steps

Week #1

2 main reasons you battle fatigue. See where you need to focus to get your energy back. You’ll also discover the important tool of how to listen to your body and learn how to chart pinpointing and eliminating what foods cause your body stress so you can feel your best yet.

Best Foods for Energy

Week #2

Here you’ll find foods that will boost your vitality and help you conquer your energy goals. Know the healthiest foods of the 3 macronutrients you need to be eating and how to bring them into your diet. You’ll have a handy checklist to keep you on track.

Stress-The Energy Killer

Week #3

Energizing with Superpower:How do you lighten your load of stress both internally and externally? Learn this week how to manage stress so it won’t bring your body and life to a screeching halt. Now you can find how to locate “energy robbers” and find ways to deal with life’s stresses using a worksheet for you to sort out what drains you. Use the stress reduction ideas chart to implement energizing strategies just for you.

Energizing with Superpower

Week #4

Wrapping things up this week you’ll find effective ways to bring your health into an energizing balance by improving your digestion even further with super energizing foods.   Alleviate nagging symptoms of bloat and sluggish digestion with these suggestions. Now you will be set to live revitalized and ready to take on your new life fully energized! You’ll also get how to build smoothies and recipes so you can include more vital foods for energy.

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