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Kathleen Flanders Coaching

Women often eat sugary foods, drink coffee or energy drinks to keep them going through the day.  But do you ever wonder why you’re stressed, tired and never feeling ahead of the daily pace? Sometimes we are in a cycle of feeling overtired, stressed and then not sleeping well, so we start by revving our body up with caffeine and sugar just to keep going.  But still you are dragging yourself through the day, drained and exhausted.  What is going on with that?   All you need is to give your body a break and find ways to support and strengthen it! If this sounds like you, it’s most likely to be that your adrenals are needing support and strengthening.

I have written before about the need for healthy adrenals, particularly when dealing with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and many, many other disorders that are diagnosed or not diagnosed. Drinking caffeine, even with the added vitamins in some energy drinks, are only pushing your adrenals harder.  After a while they just quit then it becomes harder than ever to bounce back with energy. And who can afford that?

What else goes on is that it can have a negative effect on your thyroid.  These 2 glands, adrenals and thyroid, work together to supply our bodies with essential hormones and delivers them where they need to be throughout the body.  So what can we do to help heal ourselves and get ahead needing the energy for our day?

It’s much like when you’re feeling stuck with weight loss, as I wrote in my last blog, where understanding your thyroid and adrenals play a significant role.  Stress reduction, no sugar or soy, proper exercise and diet, correct supplements, proper rest all play a part in getting your adrenals, thyroid and energy back in place.  How awesome would that be to have full energy throughout your day?  I’m one who has fought chronic fatigue (and I still continually am keeping my adrenals strong) and fibromyalgia and know what a joy and prize my energy is.  I don’t take that for granted!  Since I wrote about stress, soy, sugar and exercise last time, I’ll give you what you can do with diet and supplements.

  1. With diet, eating enough protein as in chicken, fish, eggs, beef and plant protein will sustain your blood sugar levels and keep you from feeling drained. Having some at every meal and snack is key to building and strengthening your adrenals.
  2. Also having healthy fats, like olive, coconut, sesame, grapeseed oils will provide you with energy. Take out the transfats and hydrogenated oils found in foods like breads, pastries and crackers. These only interfere with the body getting those truly healthy fats it needs for sustained energy.
  3. Find leafy greens to eat daily. A raw lettuce salad is good for the summer, and lightly steamed leafy greens like collards or kale are especially good.
  4. And if you eat grains, look for whole grains to cook like brown rice or quinoa.

To strengthen your adrenals even more, some herbs are good.  Ashwagandha and Holy Basil are helpful to support you and help with sleep.  Vitamin C, all the B’s, & E are going to provide a way to build your adrenals back to health.  You may also want to make sure you get enough minerals in through foods or supplements like magnesium, iodine, and trace minerals.  There are liquid trace minerals you can buy and add to your water or you can eat sea vegetables like Dulse or Kelp which are rich in iodine.

Let me know how you are managing with your energy or if you’re dealing with thyroid and/or adrenal problems.  Tell me what you may have found works or what questions you may have by leaving a comment below.  I love to hear from you.

Helping women is my passion.  If you need more information or would like to do a 30 minute coaching call with me at no charge just contact me.  Here we will do a checklist screening to show you IF you have symptoms related to your thyroid or adrenals or either see how you can improve your eating and lifestyle.  I am available to coach you to lose weight, gain energy, and reduce pain.  You can contact me on my website by going to the top bar and click CONTACT.  From there we can set up a time to talk and do your screening.

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We will talk soon.  Have a good week.

To your health and all my best,

Kathleen, CHHC, AADP