Don’t let the Holidays create disaster for you

The Holidays are coming quickly and the celebrations are well under way!  It’s wonderful to get together with family and friends, co-workers and others and to have actual time to talk and enjoy one another.  With the festivities comes all the treats filled with sugar...

10 reasons why thyroid symptoms can contribute to fibromyalagia

On my checklist/survey for the Thyroid and Adrenal, you’ll know the many thyroid symptoms that can contribute to Fibromyalgia . Loss of hair, muscle pain, low body temperature, insomnia, anxiety, cold hands and feet are just a few. How about fatigue and weakness?...

What do the adrenals have to do with fibromyalgia?

What do the adrenals have to do with fibromyalgia? How do they play a part with us feeling many fibromyalgia symptoms? That low energy with chronic fatigue can be overwhelming. This is because of poor adrenal function or what’s called hypoadrenia. Unhealthy adrenals...

Frustrated with anxiousness, depression, insomnia?

What is your biggest frustration when suffering with fibromyalgia? Is it overwhelm, being in constant pain, or the chronic debilitating fatigue? I have suffered all of that and would be hard pressed to separate them. Being depressed and anxious and unable to sleep...

Fibromyalgia: feeling short on energy and in crushing pain?

Feeling short on energy and crushing pain from Fibromyalgia? Too many times to count for sure. The last blog I wrote I talked about the relationship of Fibromyalgia and the thyroid. In that, I showed a healthy “conversion” process taking place in our body can further...

Fibromyalgia and the thyroid connection to gaining your life back

For those of us that are or have dealt with fibromyalgia know the depilitating symptoms of fatigue and pain. Chronic pain may be due to injuries, infections and accidents. One thing I found is being hypothyroid can cause pain in and of itself with widespread pain...

Help to overcome insomnia and thyroid imbalance- naturally

I’ve been the one who has struggled with getting a good night’s sleep. I’ve had so many nights of insomnia laying awake looking at the ceiling, thinking, thinking, thinking. Then only waking in the morning to feel just awful, drained and miserable. As I have learned,...

Keep blood sugar balance for best thyroid health during the holiday season

Blood Sugar Imbalance and the Best You The Holidays are coming quickly and the celebrations have already begun! It’s wonderful to get together with family and friends, co-workers and others and to have actual time to talk and enjoy one another. With the festivities...

Feel like yourself again starting with thyroid health

You may look well but not “feel” well. Everyone says you look fine but you know what’s going on on the inside. Taking care of your thyroid could be the way to a turn around. You can begin to feel like yourself again starting with a healthy thyroid. Stressors in life,...

Is life holding you back?

It’s been a wonderful yet a month of new adjustments. My son is now married! I got to dance with him at his wedding! Something I had only dreamed I could do a couple years ago. Fibromyalgia with all its fatigue had been holding me back from many of life’s joys. But...

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Overcome Fibromyalgia Fatigue and Pain

Overcome Fibromyalgia Fatigue and Pain


Have you ever felt completely exhausted? Really exhausted?  Maybe you hurt all over. Because of that you’re not able to make plans or call people back or unable to enjoy the things you love.

Do you find that simple tasks like grocery shopping, laundry or paying bills feel like an overwhelming burden?

Maybe you have physical ailments like aches and pains, headaches, or lingering colds.  What about forgetting appointments or misplacing things?  Are they happening more frequently?  You might find yourself becoming more irritable, or easily disappointed or feel sad for no particular reason.

These issues can relate to fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome which can arise when thyroid and adrenal glands have been over-taxed.  This can be due to acute or chronic prolonged stress and they no longer are able to produce sufficient levels of hormones.

This becomes a bad mix of symptoms.  The list can be long with conditions like poor concentration, low body temperature, cold hands and feet, hair loss, anxiety, depression, insomnia, weight problems and muscle pain to name a few.  This is what makes up fibromyalgia with chronic fatigue symptoms as well.  These can run hand in hand for many women who are struggling to keep on top of life

Do you long for energy to get through the day?

Wished for someone you could talk with who would listen and develop a plan with you? Have you wished to have a customized program that works for you? My coaching involves all this to give you the satisfaction in those areas you wish you could succeed in. I also help in working with your doctor to get the best care.

We all need to have support. It might be you want to know how to control cravings. Maybe you need to sleep better or live each day with fuller energy and zest without depending on energy drinks, sugary foods or medication. What about getting more flexibility and less pain so you can enjoy your life again? No longer having to drag yourself around will increase your joy and vitality!

What can you do in 90 days?

In this time we can see what it is you truly are after, strategize a customized plan, optimize and get in control to master those challenges in a comfortable setting for you specifically. Lifestyle changes and healthy good choices are presented to move you ahead and get you to a place that transforms you from the burden of exhaustion to feeling lighter, have clearer thinking, and feeling well!

In my program you will learn from our weekly time together, suggestions and tips so you can use them to accomplish your goals. Your 12 Week Program includes 50 minute sessions with me, email access between sessions for further support and to answer questions, food samples and self-care products to help you on your journey, and my newsletters.

Many times correcting the way we eat and living a healthy lifestyle will resolve many or most issues you may be struggling with. You have my full support in helping you to make changes to bring you back to health! As your Health Coach you get to voice your concerns. Together we lay out a plan and get you on your way to looking and feeling your best ever so you can enjoy more fully the personal and social life you desire.

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